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running out of time. March 18, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Crap, Entertainment, Friends, Life, Love, School Stuff.

i learned that i should be focusing more on what the Other wants to do with my life.

i learned that you can’t control what’s inside you.

Only God can do that.

i have this REALLY BIG problem and its kinda killing me. wala lang. basta, to sum it up, TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

and i haven’t studied for Micro yet. finals tomorrow and i didn’t study anything yet. grabee diba. super hectic ng sked ima here in front of the pc!

oh well. time to rock out those chapters.

26 chapters.

12 lab sections.

less than a day.



thanks to jC for making me smile today…

nyak. my footsies.

ako pala yun.

click him. haha. then go to best of 2nu11. best SHIT ata yung nandun. haha. 🙂


my sis got a new blog.

and it is here at WordPress. nyak.


got it? haha. 🙂

-yen rocks. im out. 🙂



1. Girly - March 18, 2007

onga. ganda ng mga pix ah. wahahahahaha. isang malaking scandal. wehehehe. 🙂

2. Girly - March 18, 2007

i mean, yung mga pix ni jc sa multiply. hindi yung 2 pix na andito. wahahahahahaha!

3. required name - March 20, 2007

“TIME IS RUNNING.” -Parang Sana Maulit Muli lang.

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