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sarbeylicious. :) March 26, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Whatevers.

wala lang, surbey surbey lang galing sa friendster. minsan kasi wala talagang magawa eh. 🙂

1. Words going on in your head?

tunaw na yung ice.

2. Where were your parents both from?
pangasinan and cagayan.

3. What is the last thing you downloaded?
i cant remeber!
4. What is the time now?
3:44 pm

5.What did you do for the last half an hour?
eating. 🙂
6. Have you ever been in a school play?

7. How many kids do you want?
ok na yung 4.

8. Type of music you DISLIKE most?
super nakakamatay sa kacornihan at kajologsan. lalo na yang Spongecola. damn.

9. fave types of music?
10. Do you have a car?
wala e. pulubi.

11.do u like roller coasters?
depends on who is beside me. tama.
12. Ever prank call anyone b4?
yes with a guilt feeling. 🙂
13. describe urself in 3 words?
cute. gago. cute.
14. Would you go indoor or outdoor?


15. Are you shy?
if it gives me super creeps.

16. Do you think you’re popular?
hell no.
17. What’s the size of your bed?
single lang.

20. Best movie you’ve watched in the past..
21 What’s the next you want to watch?
Pirates of the Caribbean.

22. Chips or popcorn?
23. Have you ever broken anyone’s heart?
think so.. yes.

24. Have you skipped school?
skipped as in cut class? yes.

25. Are you a good cook?
pachamba chamba lang.
26. Orange or Apple juice?

27. Whom did you last go out to dinner/lunch with?
Myron and Chubs.

28. Where did you go?
just came home from school. 🙂
28. fave drink?

as of now? Lipton Ice Tea Mango Flavor. saka buko juice. haha

 29. Best feeling in the world?
in love.

30. Have you ever broken a bone?
meron pero tolerable nman.

31. Have you ever had a medal? when??
back in high school.
32. What are your dream items?
wala naman. just plain satisfaction.

33. Do u live with your parents?

34. Do you still love your ex?
anong klaseng tanong?! hmm. syempre nmaan.

35. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work?
ay hindi! ayoko nga. roving lang ako noh.

36. Last things you bought at a pharmacy?
sterile gloves.
37. What are you going to do after this?
38. multi-tasking person?
39. Who would you like to meet?
anyone who can make me think of them after a nice conversation.

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?
no. but damn. it works.

41. What’s your favorite song?

I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin de Graw.

42.Where would you go for a romantic evening?
strolling beneath the starry skies..

44. Last song stuck in your head?
dirty little secret.

45. whats on ur mind right now?
who’s that on my phone, another text message from someone… unknown nambor.

46. Best TV show as of the moment?

47. what is one thing you would like to learn?
drowning mysef into stupidity.

48. What do you do when you are bored?
sleep or text someone

49. How would you want someone to appreciate you?
hug and say thank you.

50. What do you love the most?
all of these. all of these things around me.

51. What do you hate the most?
bringing myself back to reality.


SIX things you did in the past six days:
1. kumain

2. umiyak
3. tumawa
4. kumanta
5. nagtext

6. nagdota
list FOUR people you can tell pretty
much anything to —
1. dianne

2. katina

3. girly

4. daddy.
list THREE favorite colors.
1. green

2. black

3. white

list TWO things you want to do before
you die –
1.live my dream

2.say i love HIM for the very last time.. and i mean it.

with in the last 2 weeks have you….

Made a new friend?
– yea

Laughed until you cried?
– oh yes

Gotten close to someone?
– yeah

Found out who your true friends were?
– oo naman


1. Bush?
– panot.

2. Gay Marriage?
– extraterrestrial libido.

3. Lowering the drinking age?
– ah basta ako tagahalo lang. 🙂

4. Straight, Gay, Bi??
–  ngak.
6. Do you believe in love at first sight?
– no

7. Is there something you want to tell someone?
– yes

9. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends?
– kung pde ba e.

10. How many people on your top friends do you know in real life?
~ a lot

11. How many kids do you want to have?
– 4

12. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

13. Do you wanna change your name?
– no

15. What time did you wake up today?
~6:25 am
16. What were you doing at midnight last night?
~ online

17. Name something you CANNOT wait to do?
– be with JAY.

18. Last time you saw your father?
~ kanina lang.

19. Who’s most likely talking behind your back right now?
~ hmm. ewan..
20. Which hand do you like better on the opposite sex?
~ left. ahhaha

21. What are you listening to right now?
~ electric fan. ahha

22. Have you ever talked to Tom?
~ no

23. Have you ever donated money to a good cause?
“ yes

24. Have you ever talked about someone behind their back?
“ yes of course

25. What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed from anyone?
“ hindi ako humihiram e.

26. Who’s getting on your nerves right now?
~ that admission letter!

27. Most visited webpage?
– this one.
29. Coke or Pepsi?
~ coke light. pepsi max.

3D. Do you have a crush?
~ meron.

31. Have you kissed or been kissed by anyone in the past 2 weeks?
“ yes

32. Do you disagree with a lot of things going on in the world?
~ hell yeah

34. Do you enjoy your friendship with your friends?
~ yes sobra

wala lang. ang init! tulog muna ako. 🙂



1. jsonv - March 26, 2007

woist! hi! paadd nmn po sa blogroll mo! remind me pagna-add mo na ko! para ma-add na din kita sakiN! http://blog.jsonvega.net

2. bianca - March 26, 2007

yen!!! I already added you to my links!!! 🙂 Nice site btw.. 🙂 Sana maging blog friends din tayo!!!

Hoping to hear from you soon!! 🙂 Ilocano ka rin?? I read it sa survey mo na Ilocano parents mo eh, from Cagayan and Pangasinan. Yung Dad ko genuine Ilocano but I never had the chance to ask him to teach me kahit yung mga common Ilocano words manlang… haha. Sayang.

Awww… na kiss ka na last 2 weeks??? Kakainggit!!! hehe.

Ingat! 🙂

3. wishinglampara - March 26, 2007

pakshet ka yen. anong spongecola is jologs? hindi mo ba alam na may undying love ako for yael yuzon? it’s like you make me lait. because you know…yael (and spongecola for that matter) and I share one soul. haha.

4. yenrules - March 27, 2007

bianca: pareho pala tayo. i can understand pero i cannot speak. haha. bloggy friend na kita just linked you. 🙂

jean!!! nyak. WAG KANG BIBIGAY BAKLA!! theme song namin kasi kay mr. batch officer in yer face fncp e. haha!

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