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hapee mothers day. May 13, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Family, Love.

“if i have only one friend left, i want it to be you..”

my mom’s my dear friend, she and my dad are my reason for breathing , they comfort me whenever im down.

the best advices in life are given by my mom.

when he left me, she just said, “isipin mo na lang cellphone yan.. bukas makalawa makakalimutan mo na yan..”

she slept beside me the time when i cried because of him.

she never left me.

she made sure that im ok.

and although we are not the same.. we meet halfway.

my mom is my dear txtmate.

“kumusta na u? kumain na u?” hehe..

i love my mom.

happy mother’s day mom, i hope you can read this.


wanna know my mom?

tadaaah! love you mom.

“wag ka na magaral anak.. papatayin ka lang nyan..”

very very insipiring. πŸ™‚



1. angelblush - May 17, 2007

Happy moms day sa mom mo!

2. yenrules - May 17, 2007

thank you! sa mom mo din! πŸ™‚

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