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Is my Dad really hip or what?! May 30, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Whatevers.

This past few days i got to bond with my dad because its just the two of us left here in the house (for me, AS ALWAYS. tsk.) and my mom and my sister were away for the week. so is my brother, who barely comes home from work and got some other stuff to do.

Okay. Enough with the family bragging.

So yeah. Me and my dad got a chance to bond with each other. Doing our things at the kitchen, watching TV together, even sharing his darkest secret to his daughter.


Last Friday, the end of Maging Sino Ka Man, a popular soap opera here in the Philippines, made our world stop for a while.

Well, here comes my dad, all drooling about what’s gonna happen to Eli and Jackie.

And then, as i was doing my post over at WordPress, and my dad being on the other room making this mind-your-own-business-cause-im-watching-ELi-and-Jackie thing, he suddenly shouted,

“YEEEENNNN!!! DALI!!! COME HERE!!” (which clearly says, yen! bite me. just kidding. he said he wanted for me to go to him. got it? no. haha. )

So i went, and as we watched the damn wedding everybody’s gotta see, he actually blurted out this.


damn player, you ain’t sayin that to your daughter are you?!

haha. So i said, that is now the big etiology why i sleep in class.

This afternoon, we watched Wowowee, one of the best noontime entertainment here in the Phil. Then it went, the afternoon routine of my dad getting the latest dose of laughter every time he watch Wowowee (mind you, he goes home at noon just to watch it!!)

So yeah. Wowowee made the biggetst mistake of their damn career.

They asked Spongecola to play for every single damn Filipino out there.

For the record, I HATE SPONGECOLA.

you read that right. hehe.

So back to the story, he just stood there watching and listening to every single word Yael Yuzon sang “Tuliro”.

And he knew i hated Spongecola, so my dad was like, head bangin and asking me what was the name of the band..

“Is that PENSICOLA?”

“No dad, thats SPONGECOLA. The most wasted thing on Philippine Television.”

And then he sang “Tuliro.”

My God.

And another?

For the record? My dad likes Urbandub’s First of Summer and Sige by 6 Cycle Mind.

And i really hate almost all OPM Bands nowadays.

Except for Bamboo which in fact, my dad asked me to trace their gigs so we can go there some time.

How cool is that?



1. loid - June 9, 2007

ei…i love SPONGECOLA!:)
but then again I respect you!
i am looking for spongecola’s version of maging sino ka man,when i saw your post about them,got amazed and read the whole of it and now cant believe that i am actually dropping a comment for you!napa sign up na din tuloy ako sa multiply at sa sonific…forgetting what am i really supposed to do!
anyways,nice music background there!
that’s all!thankss in a way that i discovered sonofic…coz of you!
i like the background music!
nothing much,

2. yenrules - June 9, 2007

haha… opinion lang. haha. panget kasi bunganga ni yael when he’s singin e. haha! di masyadong maganda sa sonific, kasi unpopular mga artists dun.. nagkataon lang andun tammany hall nyc kaya ayos! 🙂

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