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whatta spendthrift me. June 6, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Friends, Laziness, Rocked.

hey online buddies, hey those who commented in my previous entries.

i’ll link y’all here in my blog. 🙂

and i will still drop by your blog.


Just came home from school (and mall). Hirap pala pag sobrang gastador ka na. Then super dami pang gastos.

MY EXPENSES: mga dapat bayaran

1. NCM Books – thats a whopping 3350 na!

2. Blue and White Uniform – 1800 ata..

3. all other expenses… mga 5000 ata yun!

but then, being a spendthrift is my persona, so i bought new earphones for my iPod. cute. haha. besides my mom agreed on them.

so i bought them. cash. damn. di pde mastercard e. kakainis!

i sooo love my new earphones, i even named them! the WONDER TWINS!! hahhaha….

but it’s 399 pesos. and i paid them. CASH. (ouch!)


LOOKIE LOOKIE! i found something.

hard candy rocks. but without the campaign thingy. IT’S SO LAME!!!

sorry mike. you’re dead.

so lame.




1. jean - June 6, 2007

pahinging kopya ng books? ay wait, lumipat na pala ako ulet sa blogspot. sana ay makadalaw ka.:D


2. yenrules - June 7, 2007

ayan o nakapost na.

3. Kev - June 7, 2007

tnx for linking me!

Linked you up already! 😀

uhm.. ganda nung earphones ah.. 😛

ahehe.. uhm may new post ako.. comment! 😀

4. eli - June 7, 2007

hello! napadaan! sira na rin ung earphone ng ipod ko kainis.. ‘bulag’ ung left.. waahh!! ok ba ung earphone mo? sound quality ok din b? thanks thanks.. you have nice posts.. lively! palit links?

5. pinoybanda - June 7, 2007

thanks for visiting pinoybanda! please come back for an updated band gig scheds! 😉

lets exchange links? thanks

6. Felicity - June 7, 2007

Felicity was here! Cool blog!

7. Theia - June 7, 2007

Yeah. When you spend YOUR cash, it’s heartbreaking. :] But if not your’s, why care? Haha. Wow, the Wonder Twins! Have fun using them. 😛

Love lots,
Theia :]

P.S.: Ex-Links? Linked ya already.

8. eden - June 7, 2007

hi there!san ka pumapasok? I used to wear blue & white din. hay…madadagdagan pa yang expenses.ahihihihi

9. jean - June 7, 2007

eh why are you so galit?

10. grace - June 7, 2007

hirap tlguh pag-magastos… 🙂

tnx for the visit, anywei…

11. aiCa - June 7, 2007

tnx for droppin by.. 🙂

12. yenrules - June 7, 2007

am i?

13. Jowell - June 7, 2007

hi! 399 earphones? ang mura, i saw an original iPod earphone sa mall, they’re selling it for 900+, mura yun ah.

14. jean - June 8, 2007

i dunno. you look like your galit. i’m sorry. ill get the list from mars na lang. thanks anyway. 🙂

15. shizuka - June 9, 2007

hah. may candy palang ganun!?

16. yenrules - June 9, 2007

un nga e. ngayon lang din ako nakakita nun. pati candy pinatulan!!!

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