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Superiority Complex. June 9, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Whatevers.

I soooo hate discrimination. Sobra.

check this out : http://cofibean.blogspot.com/

“grabe pare sobrang yabang niya dude as in like the uber lakas storm pare!” 

He calls Filipinos “natives and orcs” like he’s not one of them.

Hoyy. Just because you are a rich kid doesn’t mean you’re not one of us.  Super kaduper hayop talaga. He thinks he’s white but he’s kayumanggi too.

Go to hell.



1. chris - June 9, 2007

saw that link…. where did you find his blog?

2. eli - June 10, 2007

relax relax puso mo.. hehehe..

i’ve checked the blog, medyo may attitude nga.. well, may mga taong ganyan eh

3. yenrules - June 10, 2007

i dunno.. siguro sa dami na ng naclick ko.. i stumbled upon this blog. argh!

4. paolomendoza - June 10, 2007

elitists are freaks, aren’t they?

5. yenrules - June 10, 2007

so true. grabe. ang jologs kaya nila. mga mukhang bisexual pa.

6. jean - June 10, 2007

yen, mas maaasar ka dito. check this out. pero nakakalibang. 🙂


yon lang. lalala.:D

7. girlyjoy - June 10, 2007

oh. that cono guy. napuntahan ko na blog nya years back. and guess what my first reaction was?

Yuck. Mayaman nga dating nya, bading na bading naman magsulat. Kadiri talaga.

tapos yun. naisip ko, pretender lang sya. the way he writes, isang obvious na pretender sa social status nya. then i never went back to the site again. may disclaimer naman sya eh.

ayun. masusunog naman sya sa dagat-dagatang apoy kaya pabayaan mo na, ok? 🙂

luvyah. muamua.

mishu too.

8. yenrules - June 11, 2007

ring ring… *buzz* DONT CARE!!!!

9. Kiara - June 11, 2007

nabasa ko na rin yung mga posts niya dun. he is so annoying. ang kapal tlga ng muks niya.

10. Yen - June 17, 2007

Hi Yen! Just dropping by:) Tnx pala for adding my other blog ha..pede paki add ng new one ko? hehe It’s yennygil.com

Thanks ulit!

11. Tami - June 20, 2007

Whoa, I can’t believe this person, pare, he’s just so annoying you know? Kinda like, bwisit?

well no wonder he wants to make poverty history – he hates the baho masa kasi.

all i can say is: he is so annoying, its almost amusing! my 5-year old niece does a better taglish impression than him. grow up little man, grow up!

12. yenrules - June 21, 2007

kaka effin bwisit talaga pare…

13. sweetjessyfc - July 6, 2007

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14. hokage - January 10, 2008

Why do you hate us jologs people.sad. Cofibean is right for saying your all orcs. JUST ACCEPT THAT. you hate rich and cono people because you were not endowed with the same priviledge.haha

15. SUPERIOR - January 10, 2008

Your right hokage. HELL WITH THE POOR.

16. hokage - January 10, 2008

your all jologs-people since your all poor.haha

17. yen - January 10, 2008

o tapos?

di kami jologs noh, simple lang kami. unlike kayo.


18. yen - January 10, 2008

saka nasa pinas kayo. di ba kayo marunong magtagalog? eew.

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