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election. June 23, 2007

Posted by yenrules in School Stuff, Stressed, Thoughts.

ahhh. the election. the SNA election. you see my friends, there is a yearly SNA election for our college. the Student Nurses Association. well, the “politicians” are expected to be highly competent, with excellence and value.

however, there is a big flaw during this elections. you see, any poilitician MUST have the courage to be MANHID during this time, because not all could have their 100% support for someone.

i’d like to raise a question.

Kailangan bang suportahan all the way ng mga friends ang isang kaibigan nilang kandidato?

to the point na those “no response, non-supporters” are BOXED OUT from those suporters?

but hey. any candidate, especially those running for an important position in the administration must not show any negative feedback during campaign days.

any candidate must not be angry at anyone for not supporting him/her.

any candidate must show all his/her positive aspects and skills most likely during this time.

and any candidate, must be strict enough to practice the ethics of the candidacy.

the candidate do not have the right to mention his/her rival during campaign.

and the candidate do not have the right to have a grudge at someone he/she knew would not be supporting him/her.


you can’t trust someone you know has attitude problems.


trabaho lang. walang personalan.

we must be BRAVE enough to perceive all those positive and negative feedback from the people. Some may believe in you, some may not. but be STRONG enough to separate yourself from work and personal life.

the SNA election is a big suicide to a class, lalo na to those who have classmates running for a position.

this is my point of view my friends, i just don’t think that even though somebody doesn’t believe a candidate that he/she can do his/her duty, he/she must have the courage to have some “civilization” not to make it rough, to separate himself from the crowd.




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