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Lord, tulong. July 6, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Crap, School Stuff, Stressed, Thoughts.

I dunno if my chosen course (and by passing the SLCN screening) is a gift or a curse. Hindi ako tinatamad or anything,


3-5 hours of sleep, minimal food intake… puro fluids lang para kahit papano mareplace lahat ng nawawala. No time for family, no time for myself, no time for friends, no time for sleep. puro fatigue.

alam mo yun, even though we don’t do much activities in school, sobrang… PAGOD. Super kaduper pagod ang nararamdaman ko.

And yes, pag sobrang awang-awa nako sa sarili ko, i just sit down and cry.


why oh why Lord?

why don’t you give me time for my family?

why don’t you give me time for myself?

why don’t you give me enough time to rest and sleep?

why do you have to pressure me with low embarrassing scores?

why do you want to do this to me?


If You knew i can do this, You would help me.. and i really need your help.

sobra sobra na ang bigat na dala ko.

Please. Help me. 😦

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1. Elizar - July 6, 2007

Hi Yen,

that is good – talking with you Lord (our Lord)…

that is good, asking for help when we need it. He will hear you..

syempre, tama pa rin na di nya ibibigay sayo lahat yan kung di mo kya dah bah?… remember though, do not question his will. πŸ™‚ He knows what is good.

God bless! πŸ˜‰


2. alfreD - July 6, 2007

kaya mu yan yEn..

d0n’t givE up..

3. Tami - July 9, 2007

kaya mo yan yen. sabi nga nila, God will not give you any burden that you can’t carry. tinetesting ka lang niya…

4. anonymous - July 11, 2007

hey there.

I just happen to stop by in your blog for some reason but I think you should really be happy despite what you’re going through. πŸ˜›

I mean, passing 3rd year is really a gift from God. you must be that proud.

Well I have a brother, same course as ours, but he wasn’t
able to meet up with the gpa requirement so now, he’s nowhere to be found in our school (yep, we’re schoolmates. :))

Well, I know what you guys did go through and surviving that is not only a gift from god, but also an achievement. your parents must be proud of you.

so, why am I saying this? it’s because 2nd year pa lang po ako. I’m just starting to get through what you already underwent and I must say tat it’s really hard.

so to make it short, I’M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU. and passing the screening is one of God’s many blessings to you. You may not now why your having this ‘ganitong buhay’ phase now but sooner or later you’ll know why. you’d even thank god kung bakit ganun ang ngyayari.

just always pray and always keep it up. πŸ™‚

Congrats pala for the capping & pinning ceremony. πŸ™‚

–2nd year from batch ammarant.
(I’ll unveil myself soon. wag muna ngayon,nakakahiya pa po eh, hehe)

5. yenrules - July 11, 2007

hey 2nd year, thanks. ok nako, im really really lucky to pass 3rd year. naburnout lang ako dahil sobrang dami talagang ginagawa e. sabagay, He never leaves me naman e. so im okay na. πŸ™‚

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