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It’s getting hot in herre! August 26, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

Well yea, it because i’m stuck up here in my room with our laptop hooked to the internet. hehe.

I’m stuck. With work.

I need to send emails.

I need to complete our case study.

I need to complete 3 videos for our anniversarry.

I need to make 15 IDs for the team at the anniversarry. (mind you, i’m techie support team leader)

it’s great, if i do freeze the time. haha!


I wonder why i don’t write here so much, maybe i got a lot of things to do, but then, i want my “inner self” to be private. Anyhoo, i’m an ambivert FYI. I decide when i’m gonna be an intro or an extro.

at this juncture i would say, I AM AN EXTROVERT.

this entry explains it all.


I am tired of hearing sarcastic comments from m2m. (it’s the two bitches that gives me a big pain in the ass.)

I am tired of hearing the same gossips from that wild person and his co-gossiper. (it’s the monsters of chismis.)

I am tired of leading my group, especially that DoTA boy whos world revolves on one thing: LAZINESS.

I am sssooooo tired, of bumping into my former friend, well now she’s the last resort i’ll ever go to, because i don’t like lezbos. even gays.

I hate them. I SO HATE THEM.


Now, it’s really getting hot in herre, because i dropped off all my tensions. Hope they don’t cling on me like chains.

I hate bitches, i hate liars



1. monette - August 28, 2007

ahaha. Now I know kung bakit malaki ang galit mo sa mga lesbos, ahaha. ;p

*wink wink*

2. veron - August 28, 2007

wow! so many thing to do.. goodluck w/ all of that.. ^^

3. yenrules - August 30, 2007

“so many things to do.. so lil time..” shet. haha!

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