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You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Finger. November 12, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Life, Love, Stressed, Thoughts.

Do you have to let it linger?


I know you hate people who puts his faith and trust in you, then leaves you alone.

I hate it.

I hate when someone walks all over you, acts as if they’re concerned, but then at one point, there’s no hope.

I knew it.

Because I’ve done it.


Kung mababasa mo to, oo alam ko nagkulang ako sa’yo. Pero sana naman intindihin mo ang point ko na masasaktan ka lang if you are around me and all, leaving me all impressed and smiling, but you know its not right. You knew all along that I loved someone else. AT AYOKONG MASAKATAN KA. Dahil bawat oras na tinetext moko o nagkikita tayo, lalo akong naguiguilty sa nararamdaman mo. Oo. Tama ang sinabi ng friends mo. Napakamartyr mo. Ganyan naman di ba? Ang bait mo kase. I’m freeing you from your martyrdom.

Please. Leave me alone. You’re killing me with guilt. Ayoko talagang masaktan ka. As I said in my text message, you’ve been very special to me, but I am not the one for you. You don’t deserve me.



1. deden - November 15, 2007

Hi Yen…nice to hear from you again!

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