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Hepatitis B From Manicure/Pedicure! November 16, 2007

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

When I was having my shift at the Delivery Room, my instructor told us a story to ensure our safety from preventing us from to fulfill our dream as a registered nurse.


(image from kinderaerzteimnetz.de)

The thing is, she had a friend who spends so much on her vanity. Hair done, nails done, and recent spa sessions helps her look alive. What happened was, she was getting her nails done at a local salon and a few weeks later, she had full blown Hepatitis B – with jaundice, of course. The manicure set that was used on her were not sterile, and the blood from another customer went into her. It was a positive. No one slept with her, as she was alone when the nails were done. She didn’t know about this until she had her annual medical check up. What a waste, I said. She was a nurse with a high reputation at a certain hospital.

(image from Medica.de)

Hepatitis B is a silent monster who shows symptoms in the later stage of the disease. When you have Hepatitis B, you are not allowed to sleep with anyone (err what?!) as you will share the Hepatovirus with your sexual partner. It is transmitted via exchange of body fluids e.g. sex, kissing (although kissing is a rare case, you will have to exchange 3 gallons of saliva before you can have Hepa B), liver transplant (with no known clinical trials), having tattoos or via blood transfusions. Whatever form of exchange of blood or body fluids also contribute to the contraction of Hepatitis B.

I have a friend who didn’t know that she had Hepa B until she signed up for a blood donation.

(image from Sociedad Chilena de Pediatria)

There are available vaccines for Hepa B, it costs around 1000 Php ($20) for every shot.

Please inform everyone about the sanitation, and PLEASE! Bring your own manicure set instead!!!




1. manilenya - November 18, 2007

buti na lang hindi ako nagpapamanicure 🙂
thanks for dropping by 🙂

2. Sam - February 26, 2009

Now,I got this problem. Can you give me some instruction for this..

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