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Dedication and Pinning Ceremony *BATCH MAGIS* March 27, 2008

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

Okkiii. So new layout, new banner again. It’s TOUGH passing the Third Year of SLCN. haha. Suppperrrr.

the thing is, i was deprived of my own social life because of my studies.

 i hope it all pays off =D


PHOTO ALERT! These photos were taken with a 2 megapixel Sony Ericson W850i. My apologies for the low quality. =D

Anyway, so yesterday we were at the SMX Convention Center (beside MOA) for the Pinning Ceremony of Batch Magis (Class 2008)

HANDS DOWN TO BATCH MAGIS for the 32 Cum Laudes (including Ate Karla and Ate Farrah) and the Magna Cum Laude of Class 2008, Ate Louvie Gaffud. =D

**you see, we have batch names. Our batch name is INSIGNIS (remarkably remarkable. )

So ayun. We, with our Blue and Whites as Third years… *ehem pili lang po ito* served as ushers yesterday for their ceremony.

boom. Purple lights.

OMG. I so love that big Maltese Cross. =)

The funny thing was, I had my lunch *with batchmates* and dinner *with the Cham Family* wearing my blue and white at MOA.

Some more pictures:

My alter ego, Daisy.

Batchmates! With Ate Bam. Bossing!

With Denise. Loti! Loti! Loti!

Ate Bam. One of the greatest Magis PCI’s ever!

Ate Dad. One of the prettiest Magis PCI’s ever!

Kuya Rhys. Eto eto. Basketbolista ever. haha! He even made luhod for us!

****we were never allowed to wander off the streets in our Blue and Whites. =D

 Many freebies were given for the graduates… A bag, the “Lamp”, pencils for boards and erasers. =D

Thank You for being part of the Pinning experience:

Justin, Karl, Sol, Ron, Kirby, Jenno, Elai, Jason, Dais, Melay, Jessa, Chabz, Carla, Pam, Cherish, Gladys, Jed, Randel, Gian, Ate Louie (woohoo go MAGNA!), Kuya Arman, Ate Bam, Ate Dad, Kuya Rhys, Cynric, Mia, Denise, April, Shobe.

Sana may hindi ako namiss!

and to you BAM BAM TORRES. Sa susunod na tayo magpapicture. haha!


wala multiply. they sucked again.

oh well.

asdfshitwtf. =D <<<< CK!



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