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Youchoob Madness NAMBOR ONE March 29, 2008

Posted by yenrules in Entertainment, Life, Rocked.

So I’m adding another “thing” to my blog, some YouTube videos that I randomly find while surfing the net.



The Patapon Madness is HERE! THis game has dominated my 2 hours last night, playing with my brother’s PSP.

OMG. This will surely force me to buy one too. =D



Ken Lee by Mariah Carey

The song sung by Valentina Hasan, a 29 year old aspiring Music Idol finalist.

I so love this song. SUPER. hahahha. Even my dad didn’t have a chance to move on!!!


THIRD STOP: American Adobo

Did you know that Travis Kraft is a Filipino? His mom is from Baguio.

I really appreciate this video.. although i can’t get over ALL OF IT!

I end up laughing. AND I KNOW HOW TO COOK ADOBO!

At last. after 19 years of innocence!



1. mike - March 29, 2008

hey. thanks for liking my site… and uhhem, my pictures. i like yours too. =)

2. FerBert - March 30, 2008

salamat sa dalaw.. 😀

3. lunes - March 30, 2008

wow isang nurse uli sa blogosperyo..salamat sa pagdaan.

4. Pepe - March 30, 2008

Goodie weekend Yen….! Hope you’are doing well….! Ingatz palagi….! =D

5. xtian - March 30, 2008

ken leeee, mali boodi bouduchoo? alin daw? hahaha!

hilarious! wahahahaha!

sakit ng tiyan ko kapatid, mababaog na yata ako sa katatawa! sure pa siyang english un, kala ko tribal language!


nyeta! yun lang.


6. Laarni - March 30, 2008

i saw this ken lee, i think, a couple of weeks ago. haha. kala ko, language niya ung kinakanta niya lol.

I wonder kung alam na ito ni Mariah Carey. 😛

7. yenrules - March 30, 2008

im waiting for her interview on Youchoob. =D

8. mia - March 30, 2008

ken lee ang favorite ko! ehehehehe

9. brVince - March 31, 2008

Makalagay nga rin ng youtube na yan, hehehe pwedeng pang-react againts china yung bago ko 😀

10. mike - April 2, 2008

i watch ken lee everyday. haha! it makes my lol. =))

11. mike - April 2, 2008

i watch ken lee everyday. haha! it makes my day. lol. =))

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