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Harder? More MORE MORE!!! October 4, 2008

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

Whoo. 3 months! haha.

I’ve been busy these past few days because of our thesis, the Liliw aftershock (where our C.I gets us all intoxicated with sectoral reports, profiling, slide show whatevers… blah blah blah.)



Yeah yeah i know. Its the worst part of college life. It’s HARD! Raging and oozing with hardships, blood and sweat spilled all over our laptops as we battle through time for that 10 pm deadline. We only got like 3 weeks left, but we surely closed that deal.

I spent a whopping thousand bucks for food during the thesis making. We went from one resto to another, Burger King, Shakey’s, School, Kaycee’s and so on. I stuffed like 5 burgers in me during the whole thing, 3 Bunch-of-lunch meals, and idunno. Plus I have high levels of estrogen at that time. So go figure my eating appetite. It’s like i’m starving every 5 minutes or so!

**BTW this post was edited at BK, so yea go figure**

I once imagined myself sitting in our NSRD (Nursing Sciences Research Department) along with my other professors doing research work. Now Im having second thoughts! I even had episodes of that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in which my mind cannot convene with my body once a thesis file has been opened. I wanna crash the laptop right there and then! And so I didn’t face our thesis for a while, cause I dunno what will happen! Super traumatic.

I like research. But I cannot deal with it if i have to battle through time.


The Liliw Experience.

This is me with Jayson (one of the community folk) during the immersion. 6PM already and we’re still out there!

This i have to say, one of the best experiences ever. I made new friends, my former Anatomy professor whom I admire so much became one of my closest friends in the history of my college life, and many secrets were opened. I did have some realizations – I have to think of myself first, I have to stand up for what I really believe in.. and I should really really really create an ORGANIZED schedule of activities. (Oh dear, I want a PDA. Buy me one!)

With my groupmates – Mai, Dona, Alex, Francis, Me, and Cheska

Our two community instructors – Mam Nanette (mommy!) and Mam Del

As a vice president, (who’s a stressful slacker at the same time) we were obliged to provide ourselves an organized plan of activities and blahblahblah. The thing is, I failed. But in that failure, I learned something. I learned not to rant, not to trash talk, not to be closed minded. I learned how not to be me! hahaha!

Boodle Fight + Chocolate Fondue with Mam Del, Cheska, Elein, Dona, Me (and Elein’s guitar) and Angelica

Very very very hard job.

Plus I was the Group Leader of the NU09 Mojon Group (an adopted community in our school) which gave me a hard time. Major pain in the arse. But then again, I realized so many things – I can be simple as the way they live, 3 meals a day, enough money for sustainability, and a big smile everyday.

On the bright side, I was able to know who truly believes in me and who doesn’t. I was able to redeem myself from all those people who glorify gossips for killing time!


Dona’s Dinner Dance Party

We were obliged to stay in Liliw for 2 weeks straight, but our baby classmate Dona opted to rent a bus for us so that we can go to her debut. Yeahhh. Rich kid huh! hahhaa! Lucky girl, she’s only 18 and yet she’s a senior college student. Well….. don’t ask my age. haha!

Chabs and Me (i have big arms. dang.)

I was a part of her 18 treasures. So yea I gave her a book (i normally give books as a gift) entitled The Little Angel by Og Mandino.

What’s with all that 18 thingies anyway? I never had a debut, cause we usually prefer travelling rather than spending 60 grand for one night. Back when I was 14, my friends who celebrate their debuts normally have 18 roses and 18 candles. Then it became 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 gifts (i gave out a book too). Then it became 18 shots and 18 gifts, and now, Dona’s party tops it all. 18 roses, 18, sparkles (more like 18 candles), 18 shots, and 18 treasures (gifts.)

oh well. She really had a great time. Too bad I came home early.

From Left: Paige, Cheska, Joanna, Me, Angela, Ibarra, Francis, Angie, Che, Joay, Jubi, and the Birthday Girl, Dona

Our table: Me, Angela, Cheska, Paige, Joanna and Francis


Our class. 4NU09, Batch Insignis 2009

When we had our very last day before the departure, we first went to Liliw Upland for shopping shoes and stuff. I wasn’t really in the mood for shopping at that time, so I just enjoyed being with my friends and bonding with them.


omg. The best food in Liliw. Arabela’s is a sophisticated resto at the heart of Liliw, situated at a basement of an old home. The place serves pasta, cakes, chocolates, and pizza all for a cheap price. The serving though was not that good. We waited for an apple to grow from an orange tree.

4 over 5 baby!

Me, Elein, Jason, Angela, Joanna, Cheska and Ibarra while waiting for our meal

Delicious! Zara, Kath, Kaycee, Dona, and Francis

After the very sumptous lunch, we headed to Villa Gregoria for some swimming. Again, TOO BAD! I didn’t swim. I was not in the mood for swimming, and my body got too tired during the past few days. (This only shows I’m a boring person… Would you agree? hmmm..)

Alex, Chabs, Me, Mam Del, Jenno and Sir Homer

Ohhhh yeahhhh.



Harder? Bring it.

woohoo. =D



1. dak - October 5, 2008


2. yenrules - October 5, 2008

ahhahaa. well said doc. =D

3. cams - October 6, 2008

wow.. andami nangyari.. akala ko ako na ang pinakatamad magupdate ng blog… hehe.. peace! :p keep rockin’! 🙂

4. Pepe - October 7, 2008

Oi, andaming pityurs….! Kumusta na Yen….? Where have i been….? Tagal ko na kasing di nadalaw dito…. Hope you’re doing fine, ingatz….! =D

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