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Blue Boy in Pasig October 8, 2008

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

I dunno if you’ll enjoy reading this.

I was learning to drive my Getz (MT) along with Kuya Nelson (driver, since I don’t have much time for practice, I can’t use the car alone) and I drove from my place (Antipolo) down to C5 – Bagong Ilog in Pasig.

When I went through the flyover along Libis, Kuya said I turn right and head to Kamuning (i dunno if its the name), where there is a steep road uphill to Capitol Hills area. The thing is, there is an intersection at the end of the uphill road – at the top. A blue boy (one of the officers of the metro) was managing the traffic there. I was good at hanging, especially handbreak hanging, but at that time, my car died cause I was too early to let go of the clutch. I panicked, because a peach Honda City was behind me, and honking too hard that I can no longer remember my driving lessons! This happened three times, so yeah, technically I was violating a road rule – obstruction.

We were asked to park at the right side of the road, when the blue boy let us pass the intersection. Kuya Nelson said, “Nako! Huhulihin tayo! TAKBOOOOO!” (We’re gunna get busted, RUN!)

What I did? Of course I plunged my feet on the accelerator really hard. Seriously. Literally revved the engine. I was going at 3 RPMS as I glanced at the tachometer. Haha. Adrenaline rushed through me – since it’s gunna be my first ticket. If I’m busted, I dunno what will happen to me, cause my coin purse don’t have paper money left, just literally coins, my credit card and my license.

I exhaled once we got off the blue boy, but no, as I looked on the side mirror, he was reporting it on the radio – a blue boy was expecting us at the end of another intersection. So I turned right to Saint Peter St., and we switched places.Kuya drove all the way to LRT Santolan then we picked up my sister.

So much for my driving exercise today. Damn.


Happy Birthday Kuya Jerome!

Yeah yeah. That’s my immature, alien look-a-like brother with our dog, Gabby. =D



1. r-yo - October 9, 2008

hala! bagong driver ka pa lang, violator ka na. at tumakas pa! he he. your experience is part of learning how to drive in a crazy traffic environment like Manila’s. but escaping was dangerous. mamaya mapagkamalan pa kayong criminals.

2. vicy - October 9, 2008

Salamat po sa pag bisita..See ya around

3. yenrules - October 9, 2008

Sir R-yo,
I know its not right, pero kasi, 3 times ako namatayan, what will i do to make the car run di ba.. I’LL NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!

4. ASHEN - October 11, 2008

belated happy birthday to your kuya! 🙂

5. yenrules - October 12, 2008

hihi. super thanks! =D

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