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Walang Bago? November 8, 2008

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

Yep. Monthly blogging. Hehe.

I wasn’t able to be with my blog for a really long time, not because I’m busy, but because we kinda didn’t have a semestral break. Yes, I was able to sleep well, but my mind was preoccupied on some things.

1. Someone left me.

I got tired.” Was all he could say.

Major LOL. Being a usual reader of my posts, you absolutely didn’t know that Im able to extend to you mylove-life-ish. hehe. Yep, someone left me. When I told this to my comfort zone, they just asked why didn’t I ask what in the world did i do to make him tired of me. Blah blah, there’s no point in asking, when the decision was already been made. But hey, I’ve totally moved on. Cause my friends never left me.  And besides, I need to really focus on my board review.


Isang hapon ay nagkwekwentuhan ang magbarkada sa may isawan sa kanto habang nag-memerienda.

Ederlyn: Eto, I have a question para sa inyo ga. Ano ang pinakamasakit na experience ang naranasan na ninyu?

Napaisip ang iba.

Dodong: Siguro sa akin ay yung pagpili sa isang babae pero parehong mahal mo ang dalawa. Para talagang nahahati ang puso ko. (sabay kagat sa isaw)

Ederlyn: Ay yung sa akin yung binuhos mo ang pagmamahal mo sa isang lalaki pero kulang pa rin at iniwan ka. (sabay lagok sa softdrink)

Ethan: Wala pa ko masyadong experience pagdating sa sa pagmamahal eh. Siguro masakit na sa’ken yung binati mo ng good morning pero di ka pinansin. Hehehe. (sabay kagat sa bananacue)

Inday: I guess mine would be not showing my affection to someone and by the time that I realize that he’s the one I love, he’s slowly pulling away. (sabay subo sa baon nyang blanched green and white asparagus with lemon thyme and Parmesan vinaigrette)

(Parehong pareho kami ni Inday… [insert Nina’s Someday song here]

Pulubi: Sa akin naman yung bihis na bihis ka na pero di ka pala kasama sa lakad. Sakit nun. Hirap kaya ako maghanap ng maisusuot tapos di rin pala ako kasama. Tsk. (hihingi pa sa kinakain ni Inday)

Napatingin na lang sila Inday sa pulubing nakiki-merienda.

2. Twilight Series. Most of the people reading this stuff were girls. They just fell in love with the Edward Cullen-Bella Swan love adventure. I must admit, I am a fan too, but I did liked Stephenie Meyer’s writing too. I just notice, she really loves describing lip actions. (No not kissing!) But the face descriptions. You can really feel the happiness, the agony, the emotion, even if its not Robert Pattinson you’re imagining. I am currently reading the last book, Breaking Dawn. I’m about to finish tomorrow. Yay. I just can’t imagine how the moviehouses will react to the striking phenomena of the movie, with all the girls getting excited….. Maybe I’ll watch it on my birthday. *wink*

3. Defense of the Ancients! Yes, Im playing DoTA. But I’m not addicted to it, like some lunatic would skip meals and sleep just for this stupid game. I really find it stupid, cause I’m playing it on the Garena Client. It would connect me to a bunch of gamers who knew nothing but playing DoTA. I just like the conversations…. they’re sooooo immature. Mannnn. Thank God I was never one of the students who would actually rent a computer at a shop for 150 pesos, playing for 8 hours.

4. PRC! Hehe. Mannn. I’m so pissed off with thiss stuff. Nuff said.

So this is why Yen doesn’t blog as much as others do… =D

Take care guys. Keep rockin.



1. ASHEN - November 9, 2008

I used to be addicted to DOTA & Twilight.
BTW, you’ve been tagged. :]

2. BCS - November 9, 2008

Finally… akala ko nangibang bansa ka na eh hehehe… 🙂 Saw DoTA for the first time last Friday… looks nice… looks like something I’d enjoy. 🙂

3. yenrules - November 9, 2008

Ashen: Haha! Yeahhh. Can’t wait for the movie. But I’m really thinking about the movie. Earthquake yun sigurado. =D

4. yenrules - November 9, 2008

BCS: Lol. Siguro next year pa ako aalis. Haha. Just don’t be addicted that much to DoTA! Many couples broke up because of that. hehe

5. BCS - November 12, 2008

Well, I wish you all the best. 🙂 Well, I’ve given up on games a long time ago, magdamagan ako maglaro dati… pero somehow nanawa rin ako. Hehehe… Though I do still play games once in a while… hindi nga lang matagalan 🙂

6. deden - February 18, 2009

All the best to you, Yen
Please find me on facebook too! 😀

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