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Being a Part of the Insignis PRC Com Was Not My Ticket to Hell. Believe Me. April 18, 2009

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

Its kinda long. But its really worth reading.

From June 2008 till now, I can’t stop thanking God for all the blessings He had given me. The pain, the hardwork, and the laughters we’ve shared all through it all.

First of all, what is the PRC com? Who are they?

This question was not really a famous one, for it was the start of a very very very busy/TOXIC life. According to the other batches, it is a TICKET TO HELL. You see, as nursing students, we are required to complete 25 cases from the OR/DR complex. It is not just a PRC requirement, but an academic requirement as well.

The Batch Insignis 2009 comprises 425 students, 390+ of which were determined to conquer the June 2009 Nursing Licensure Examinations. However, 13 students in the batch opted to accept the duty as a part of the Insignis PRC committee. Their main “job description” was to handle the forms, make them presentable and perfect as possible, as well as complete. Seems easy to do? Hmm. The PRC commisionners are the UNSUNG HEROES OF BATCH INSIGNIS.

At first, I was hesitant to take such a large responsibility, not just for my section but for the whole batch as well. Many times I had cursed this job, many times I wanted to quit. But no. God did not allow me. And I am grateful for never giving up.

We are composed of 425 students in our batch. Let us just say, 10 forms filled with cases are from each student of the batch (But many of which had 14-15 forms/student, mine was 16 forms). So that’s 4, 250 forms that we had to fix through it all. Some became lost, others were rejected by clinical instructors because of wrong numbers, AND EVERY SINGLE LETTER IN THAT FORM WAS SO IMPORTANT, IT WILL TAKE YOUR SANITY OUT OF YOU.

I remember one time, the chief nurse from one of our affiliations called us up and said, “You have to reprint all *** forms, my name is D-O-N-A. Not D-O-N-N-A. Go figure. We have spent 2 reams per section, liters of ink, print heads blew because of the demand of the printing services.

…every success in life do not just show up and appear that instant. You’ll have to stumble unto rocks and thorns to go through.

Allow me to enumerate these rocks and thorns:

1. Class standings. I remember one time, Rinna cried out of depression, she wasn’t satisfied with her result and ranking in the Pre-board examination… All of us were full of regrets why why why did we take that job? I too wasn’t satisfied with the result.

2. Complaints, complaints, complaints. I had stumbled upon people who were very impatient, had not have the ability to listen to us, and whatsoever. These were my personal nightmares. One of the members of the PRC com became my “psychotherapist” because of these. My primary goal that time was this: “I cannot see myself as a failure in this job. I cannot FAIL. I should not FAIL.” This is for the reason that, my ears cannot accommodate such barbaric expressions. THIS WAS THE HARDEST PART OF BEING A COMMISSIONER, to wear your invisible and permeable (much as you wanted it to) HEADPHONES. *enough with the misty eyes….* But what did I do along those reklamadors? (sorry for the term, once in my life allow me to say this term unto everyone who really do offended the PRC com) I accepted them, took their attitudes one by one, passing through my ears, unto my heart, and helped me set my mind, I CAN DO THIS.

3. Reprints. All those hatred within those forms rose up when the reprints were starting to grow in tens, twenties and even forty PRC forms that needs to be signed correctly. I think this was really the reason why they are so many forms which got lost in the run.

4. Time with family. My family’s the greatest people given to me by God. They are my angels, my kabarkadas. There was one time that I suffered from homesickness even if I was living here in Antipolo with them, under one roof. There came a time when my dad was teary eyed and he shook his head and said, “Isang linggo ka na naming hindi nakakausap. Gabi ka na umuuwi, di ka na nagdidinner dito. Sa umaga, ang aga mo umalis. Aalis ka, walang araw. Uuwi ka, wala ring araw.Alam kong sa ngayon busy ka talaga. Pero anak, namimiss na kita. Namimiss ka na namin. Kailan ba matatapos yan?”

There were so many hindrances we’ve encounted for the last 11 months, but these topped the list.


Blessings do come as disguises, yes. These were the memorable things I will treasure forever:

1. PRC com friends. I never really imagined i’ll be friends with these guys. These are the people whom I shared all the laughter, the tears, the pain and and and… the FOOD! I love you guys. I do.

2. Faculty friends. To our second family, the faculty, to Mother Maida, Mother Bea, Sir John Lorena, Mam Pam, Mam Joy (my boy lollipop!), Mam Jas, Mam Olive (SLAAAAASH!),and to our beloved Dean Luna (our picture buddy), we really thank you for everything.

*Especially you, Mam Jas, whom we shared our stressful breaks in FACEBOOK! Hahhaha!

>> and to those faculty members who constantly notice me early at school, Mam Nanette, Mam Buhat, Mam Levosada,Mam Pekson, Sir Roel… sorry I just realized wala akong dalang pandesal every morning… haha. 😀

3. Batchmates, allow me to give my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped us fix the forms, the stickers, the arrangement of the forms, and to those who have appreciated us, promise, nakakawala ng pagod at antok ang bigyan ka ng chocolate, who repeatedly reminded me, MATULOG KA NAMAN! and ang sabihan ka ng God bless You, BIGTIME!

4. Dad, thank you for spending time with me, our roadtrips to Meycauayan, Valenzuela and MMLDC, thank you. You know how much I love you. Mom, thank you for your constant reminders, to force me to sleep even if I know it was 6am already and the bus to Liliw departs at 8am… Love you!

And then again, to these guys:

Kirby, Cynric, Ella, Fau, Ebony, Howell, Jasper, Lai, Cleng, Ron, Rinna, Randy, Marvin, Terence, *ako din*, Sir Franco, Sir Pao, Sir Roy, Sir Arman, Mam Kay, Mam Em, Mam Maida, Mam Bea, Mam Pam, Mam Joy, Sir John, Mam O, and Dean Luna.

Please give them the appreciation that they deserve: TOP THE BOARD EXAMS.


Just remember this verse:

Therefore I say unto you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe it and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

God bless SLCN, BIGTIME! =D



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