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Whatevers. June 19, 2009

Posted by yenrules in Rocked.

So yeah I’ve been in our house for like 2 weeks now.

Bummer. Now I got nothing to do.

I work for our biz every night, and supposedly, tomorrow (that’s later) I’m gunna go to the branches cause the crew are killing mom and dad with their overdue breaks. I’m staying in for a while cause my dentist needs me to get my teeth restored. I’ll tell you when its 100% finished.

Why am I online right now?

I just watched Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and man I’m telling ya, it’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E! if you’re a DIE HARD (and I seriously mean) a DIE HARD fan of music whatevers, I recommend you this movie. I watched it on my iPod (I like watching movies before I go to sleep) and this movie really tore me from the moonlight glow of slumber, it pushed my addiction to arrange more and more music. YAY! Haha.

Yes, I also arrange music for everyone. If you wanna hear it, try to click


and look for these tracks: Smiley and The Playful Musician.

And if God allows you to like it and you wanna have it on your iPods or Zunes or whatever you wanna call it, just leave a comment here, and I’ll e-mail you where you can download it.

And NO, the dumb dumb dumb Download button in Imeem will not really download the song. Don’t be so excited. Hahaha.

I am now barking like a dog asking for ingredients at Restaurant City. Yay what’s new. Addicting. Very addicting.

Alright, I am still not sleepy… forget all the things I wrote above, except for the MOVIE AND THE TRACKS! Hahaha!

Oh and if and only if you wanna talk to me or you got a problem or something, or maybe you think that I could help you out, message me on Facebook. I’d like to be your Restaurant City neighbor, or a familiar face at Mafia Wars, Barn Buddy, Sorority life, and I also like to be your poker buddy. SERIOUSLY.

See you when I see you,

Yen 😀

PS: I’m like seriously plugging myself on the internet. So LAME. Hahaha!



1. napoleon crisostomo - June 19, 2009

Souly! penge ako ng tracks mo 🙂 Thanks 🙂 Love you. Buhay na rin ulet blog ko.:)


2. Tami Abella - June 24, 2009

Hi Yen! Welcome back =D love your new site! =D

3. Cherishgoddess - July 6, 2009

Kakapanood ko lang din ng Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Shet ang ganda…

4. Amega Global - March 3, 2010

Welcome back Yen! Looks like your new site is alot more better. 🙂

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