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Hey, you reached my life. Hi. im Yen by the way, a sleek, edgy, state-of-the-art pitiful maniac who drives readers all over the world WILD, because of my spicy critics against people and things. haha. (hey, they needed some publicity all right. )

Forgive me for my sarcastic remarks, and my uber humorous blog entries. And yes, THANK GOD i became a sentimental maniac too. Amen to that. so if your reading some entries, cmon. dont be shy to leave something. MARK YOUR PRESENCE. 🙂

I first had my blog on Xanga, then switched to Blogger, then Multiply. I needed this blog, for it is right now, THE PERMANENT ONE. haha. =D

i rock. i rule.

***comments are moderated, but i’ll approve them anyway. LOVE ME, HATE ME, ITS YOUR CHOICE. don’t worry. I’ll post everything. YOU NEED SOME PUBLICITY RIGHT? haters. tsk. >:D



1. [reyna.ng.sablay] - March 15, 2007

Ooh.. I’ll be updating my links then. (:

Continue to rock the world ho. Muuaaah!

2. yenrules - March 16, 2007

thanks. i’ll link you too right away. =D

3. sarah - March 20, 2007

hey der..nyc blog, care for a link ex? tnx!

4. Girly - March 20, 2007

ayy nako naman. hater mo ko. for real. hahahahaha.

labshu… 🙂

5. khalel - March 22, 2007

thanks for droppin by aty amh site sweetie! mwuah!

6. yamimi - March 23, 2007

nice blog po.. hopping lang po ^_^

7. yamimi - March 24, 2007

hey yen! linktayo hehe.. reading on.. ill link you up.. bakasyon na wuhoo ^_^

8. charm - March 24, 2007

nice blog..

9. kiara - March 25, 2007

salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko. 🙂 nice blog. ^^

10. chris - March 26, 2007

thanks for dropping by… nice blog, really! 😉

11. CK - March 26, 2007

Ate Yen. Awesome.

12. Nicole - March 28, 2007

HOP HOP.:) Interesting blog.:)

13. Culture Shiok! - May 26, 2007

Rock on girl!

14. dak - March 27, 2008

was here!

15. julia~ - April 8, 2008

hi there sweetie!

16. BCS - October 9, 2008

Hi there, thanks for the visit and the comment… 😀 Have a great day tomorrow.. 😀 I was thinking of saying “have a great night, but then I noticed there are just a few minutes left of it. 😛

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